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The numerous identification and paperwork requirements for a replacement Texas Driver’s License can be aggravating for those who come to the DPS unprepared. We’ll help you navigate through the license replacement process, so you can arrive with all the necessary materials which will save you time and eliminate frustration.

When is a replacement license necessary?

You should only replace your license if it has been damaged, lost, or stolen; expired licenses should be renewed rather than replaced. Keep in mind that your replacement license will have the same expiration date as your previous card.

Replacement License Application Process

With the exception of out-of-state residents, the license replacement process will require an in-person visit to the DPS. The process is a fairly straight-forward ordeal if you come prepared with the appropriate documentation.

Texas residents who are currently out-of-state or deployed military personnel are the only exception to the rule and can submit a special packet through the mail to receive a replacement card (there is more information on these circumstances further down).


For this visit, you will need one primary form of identification such as an ID card, passport, or military ID and two secondary forms of identification such as a birth certificate, social security card, computerized pay stub, or a health insurance card.

If you do not have a primary form of identification, you will be asked to provide a secondary form of identification as well as two supporting forms of identity. Examples of acceptable documentation are marriage certificates, 1099 tax forms, W2 forms, and diplomas or a GED. Refer to the section below for a complete list of accepted primary and secondary identification, social security verification documents, and documentation for proof of legal residence requirement (for non-citizens).

Your chosen identification documents should be an original copy; duplicates, photocopies, and laminated copies will not be accepted. You will also be required to answer basic questions regarding personal information such as your birthday, address, and social security number. Individuals who do not have a verified social security document on file will need to present one at the time of your license replacement application.

Examples of social security verification documents are a social security card, W2 form, SSA-1099 Form, non-SSA-1099 form, or a pay stub with the applicant’s name and social security number. If these are unavailable, secondary forms of social security number verification may be used such as academic transcripts, military ID, or health insurance cards with the applicant’s social security number listed.

Additional Documentation Requirements for Non-Citizens

In addition to the documentation requirements listed above, non-citizens will need to provide proof of legal presence, accepted forms of documentation are valid US passports (must state the bearer is a US national not a US citizen), permanent resident cards, and foreign passports with attached temporary I-551 (visa must include an ADIT stamp).

The Application

To receive your replacement license, you are required to complete Form DL-43 (more commonly known as Application for Renewal/Replacement/Change of a Texas Driver License or Identification Card). This form is short and simple with questions about your personal information, medical history, and citizenship. Save time by printing and filling out your paperwork before you go. Visit for a printable copy of the license replacement application.

Fees and Accepted Payment Methods

At this time, the replacement fee for a lost, stolen, or damaged driver’s license is $11 (this does not include any additional fees you may have acquired). Accepted methods for in-person payment are cash, check major credit cards, and money orders.

What to do if you think your license was stolen

The Texas Department of Public Safety requires individuals who suspect that their license has been stolen or is being used for fraudulent activity to report the incident to the police immediately.

Further protect your identity, by putting in a request for a new ID number and replacement card. To submit a request for a new ID number you will need to bring a copy of the incident report and follow the steps above for a standard replacement card. Whether or not you will be issued a new ID number is at the discretion of the Department of Public Safety.

Special Circumstances: Military Personnel and Out-of-Country Residents

Permanent residents of Texas who are currently out-of-state and deployed military personnel (or personnel stationed out-of-state), can request a replacement license by mail rather than by in-person visit. Out-of-state residents are required to fill out an Out of State or Out of Country packet and Form DL-16 ( Application for Out of State/Country Renewal/Change of a Texas Driver License or Identification Card). It is important that you list your current out-of-state location where you receive mail as your mailing address and your permanent address (in Texas) in the address field.

Want to know where to mail your packet or need further help?

For any additional questions or concerns, you can download our complete guide here: Download step-by-step guide